The Gift Of COVID-19

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Nobody could have predicted that after COVID-19, the world would take a leap of faith and experience such profound change that nothing would ever be the same again. Most people suffered drastic losses during COVID-19. However, we can be the lucky few who, despite some personal hindrances, could continue to grow professionally. I got the opportunity to help people in need and feel blessed to have uncountable souls to find peace after such unprecedented times.

Impact of COVID-19 on my business in the next six months

COVID-19 will increase opportunities for those looking for clarity and guidance and hope to begin or reengage in exploring through the process called coaching.

Disruptions caused by COVID-19 on my business operations presently

It had some to retreat in fear, and now they are stuck and not getting the support they need and deserve to help them grow. Some were so focused on what they saw that they lost sight of faith. Faith is the evidence of what we can not see. During COVID-19, everybody’s faith muscles were tested. In-person sessions are still available to local clients, with a signed agreement regarding COVID-19 provided before the first session.

Recent changes to my communication patterns

Before the pandemic, there were no restrictions on in-person meetings. As a result of the pandemic, I now operate 90% virtual and 10% face-to-face. Currently, I am working remotely. I continue to use zoom to access our video meeting space which has been a stable source.

The challenges associated with working remotely or from office space

Meeting the needs of those who still want in-person sessions is a challenge. Telecommunication failures with unfavorable weather (such as rain) are challenging. Clients who have challenges successfully accessing zoom can be challenged. I work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays by appointment only. I work occasionally on Saturdays, depending upon my availability.

My learnings

In reflecting on COVID-19, we all were allowed to slow down and examine ourselves. I could do that personally, and as a result, I grew in my faith. I was also able to do that professionally. As a result, I published two books, one for adult Christian women and the other for children, which teach prayer as a coping skill (both available on Amazon). The gift of being coached is another way that we slow down and examine ourselves with the mission of propelling us forward. During the pandemic, I reached out for the support of a coach to help me navigate releasing two books. Today, I can say that because of personal self-reflection, which brought about self-awareness, COVID was also a gift.

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